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The overall goal in this aspect would be to make MyPaint readily accessible to everyone that would like to try/use it. Ideally this is solved by having packages in official repos for GNU/Linux, installers for Windows and whatever the best option is for distribution on OSX.



If a distro has an Official package, that means you can install it from your package manager. Those packages might be of an older version of MyPaint. Unoffical packages are often newer. Development packages are very recent. If you cannot find a package for your distro or the version you want, you can always get the source and compile from the official Download page

Distro Official Unofficial Development Bugs/QA (for developers)
Ubuntu In universe for 10.04+ Launchpad PPA git builds QA overview
Debian In unstable from fall 2009 weekly git builds by cleary QA overview
Arch Linux In community from 17.03.2010 mypaint-git in AUR
Fedora In testing for F11+ Bug list
OpenSUSE here
ALTLinux In Sisyphus from fall 2009
Mandriva In contrib for 2010.0+
Gentoo open bug report
OpenMamba In devel In milestone2
Maemo5 maemo-extras In testing


Status: 0.8.2 installer done and released

Git(development) builds for Win32 goes here I also make a kind of autobuild package here so everyone could build MyPaint for Windows easily --tumagonx


Status: Successfully builds and runs with Available in macports
Do not use the Snowleopard X11 xorg-server, use the macports version (>= v1.8.1).


Other platforms

We would also welcome anyone who is interested in getting MyPaint working and distributed on other platforms. ik ben rebecca

Related ideas

  • Inclusion in the standard package sets of specialized distributions like Ubuntu Studio and similar?
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