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This page collects extra brush packages for MyPaint. Feel free to add yours.
See also: Background Patterns, Scratchpads


[edit] Concept Design (C_D)

"Concept Design" idea comes from conceptual design, where Markers and inks are very useful. I thought that it would be fun to have something similar inside mypaint so i made them. Extra brushes from Ramón Miranda aka TheShock. Updated 2011-09-5

[edit] Ramon2

Extra brushes from Ramón Miranda aka TheShock. Updated 2011-02-28 to include more of the previous brushes.

[edit] Deevad

outdated version of David Revoy's Brushkit : newer V5 are bundled in Mypaint 1.0 ( renamed : 'set#2' )

  • mypaint-v4-brushkit ( V4 - blog with extra information and download)
  • [1] ( V3 - very outdated )
  • [2] (V2 - very outdated, for 7.1 series )
  • [3] (V1 - very outdated, for 0.6 series )

[edit] Tone

This is Luovatone's brushset V2 with 124 brushes. It was made for the Nokia N900, but works also with other hardware. (Packaged for 0.9 by maxy.)

[edit] Kaerhon

Kaerhon Brush Pack (previously known as Loula's brush pack)

[edit] 08

The 08 pack contains 281 old brushes that were removed or updated in the 0.9.0 release of MyPaint. If you are missing a brush, you will find it here. Or not, because there are so many of them...

[edit] Dirty

Dirty Brushes set: 48 brushes that are rough, dirty, hairy...

[edit] rudluff

Preview 27 various original inking brushes, antialiased.

[edit] Installing a Brush Package

Download the ZIP file. Don't extract it. In MyPaint, open the Brush menu (or right-click on the brush group labels). Choose Import brush package and select the ZIP file.

If a brush or group of the same name already exists, you will have the choice to overwrite or import with a different name.

Read Documentation/Manual#Brush_Packs for how to uninstall or create a brush package.

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