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[edit] Anthropomorphic Art - Lines

A brief tutorial on how to make anthropomorphic line art.

Justin Jao, February 2014

[edit] Anthropomorphic Art - Colors

This tutorial explains on how to color anthropomorphic art as well as color schemes and strategies.

Justin Jao, February 2014

[edit] Painting a Cormorant

Painting from photo reference, step by step in 40 minutes. "[...] Added orange for the feathers and the reflection of the white feathers, and the light coming through the tip of the beak. [...]"

Ilmari Heikkinen, April 2010

[edit] Water in Nature

A tutorial that also explains some MyPaint basics and finishes in GIMP. "[...] Now add bright spots to the water using the Paint+Blur brush, to reflect where you think the light from the sky would shine through the leaves and show in the water mirror. [...]"

Griatch, March 2009

[edit] Comic making in MyPaint, GIMP and Inkscape


[edit] Timelapse Videos

Here are some timelapse videos that are not full tutorials.

[edit] Lezard

Video timelapse tutorial. Workflow combines Alchemy, MyPaint and GIMP. Done during the Durian OpenMovie Project.

David Revoy, August 2009

[edit] Mario & Luigi Commented Making of

This is a timelapse making of from a painting I did using mypaint & gimp about Mario & Luigi :)

See the post on

[edit] Making of "Looking Out"


This is a timelapse of a painting in MyPaint and GIMP, from my comic Where Red Apples Lie, also done mainly in MyPaint.

[edit] Meditation

Ramon Miranda 2009

[edit] Arms Anatomic Studies

Ramon Miranda 2009

[edit] Kristen Stewart

Ramon Miranda 2009

[edit] Mixed Technique 1

Ramon Miranda 2009

[edit] Other Work


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