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[edit] Animation branches

There are actually three animation branches for MyPaint. They use some tricks on layer to use them as frames.

[edit] Dopey branch

Dopey is a fork of the X-Sheet branch (see below) that has been updated as of Nov 2013

[edit] Charbelinho branch

How to compile and install it.

[edit] X-Sheet MyPaint branch

It was developed to make a short film, Viaje a la tierra del Quebracho. Currently, it's not ready to be widely usable, but there is a plan to do it in the future (read below).

It presents a widget that resembles an exposure sheet (x-sheet for shortness), an important tool in traditional animation. That way it's possible to plan your work marking frames as keyframes, adding inbetweens, animating on one's or on two's, and a lot more. It can save frames as a PNG sequence, and export to video if ffmpeg is available in the system.

Code tries to be as much separated as possible from MyPaint's mainline code, so it was easy to keep it in sync with latest MyPaint for a while, until manuq, the developer, was busy as the director of the short film mentioned above. In the future, it would be nice to make it an application in it's own using the brushlib.

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